Next Generation Water Solutions

Providing Scalable Decentralized Sustainable Water Supply & Treatment

Our Approach

WWE provides sustainable water solutions for a water secure South Africa. WWE engages in the activities of:


Bulk Water Supply


Water Project Development


Water Treatment

Pont du Gard

Water project development is more than just augmentation or conservation; it is a way of thinking and approaching the issues which affect the sourcing, supply and use of water.

It is about designing systems and processes which preserve, protect and sustain natural resources, whilst delivering life enhancing benefits to communities and enabling economic development.

It is about focusing on providing turn-key solutions which meet customer’s current and future needs, and enhance sustainable practices and behaviours.

WWE exists to challenge common paradigms about traditional methods of finding, supplying, developing and treating water. WWE is committed to becoming South Africa’s key water solutions company by providing a new approach in 4 different ways:


Total Water Management

At WWE, we care about the sustainable use of our water resources. There is no raw water, potable water, gray water, waste water or storm water. All water is precious and is available for re-use and recycling.


High Turnaround Times

Using advanced technology, WWE can assess, develop solutions and implement projects in drastically shortened time periods as compared to traditional methods. This translates into substantial time & cost savings to clients.


Renewable Energy Use

WWE’s use of high capacity solar panels and storage centers for pumping and treatment of water ensures a consistent, continuous and free supply of electricity.


Decentralized Systems

WWE aims to minimize interruptions and ensure continuous supply by implementing solutions at the point of use.

Our Team

Mashudu Ramano

Mashudu is an entrepreneur in transition, an aspirant futurist and an adherent, advocate, agent, promoter and student of sustainability. His vision is to co-inspire, co-facilitate and co-create the ubiquitous emergence and universal acceptance of the ethic and paradigm of sustainability as the myth and de facto standard of how people live and conduct business.

Alain Gachet

Alain is a physicist, geologist, entrepreneur and inventor. His invention and actions have come to the aid of millions of people suffering from the lack of drinking water. With 40 years’ experience in natural resource exploration, Alain has become a world-renowned exploration expert.

John Butt

John is a venture capitalist, entrepreneur and strategist. Through his venture and growth capital funds, John has invested in several cutting edge green technologies. His strong ethics and dedication to the development of tomorrow’s sustainable technologies make him a strategic partner for WWE.

Rendani Ramano

Rendani is an economist and an entrepreneur. His ethics and convictions led him to co-design water and sanitation education programs and co-author on water conservation and demand management in South Africa for the Water Research Commission.

Clément Gachet

Clement is an engineer and an entrepreneur. Passionate about new technologies, design thinking, philanthropy and self-sustainable systems, Clement is at the crossroad of Business and Technology.


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WWE Resources Solutions

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